Packers season comes to an end

New year, same story.


Will Nolan, Staff Writer

As a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan, I am tired of ending every season with the same sentence: We didn’t win the Super Bowl.

Admittedly, the aspiration of a Super Bowl appeared to be a rather lofty goal considering that the team was entering the season with a 38-year-old QB, had lost its best WR, Davante Adams, and attempted to replace him by committee with young, unproven receivers that had never caught a pass in the NFL.  However, despite all of this.  Packers fans held out hope.

The season started out by getting blown out by the Minnesota Vikings.  However, the team rattled off three straight wins before facing the New York Giants in London, and that was when the wheels started to fall off.  The Packers blew a double-digit halftime lead and lost by a score of 27-22, this would be the first of 5 straight losses.  The playoffs seemed all but gone.  The Packers still had seven games left to play but a daunting schedule filled with good opponents proved that winning out would be easier said than done.

Week 10 saw the Dallas Cowboys travel to Lambeau Field.  The Packers defeated the Cowboys by a final margin of 31-28.  This game restored confidence in the team and proved that all was not lost.  Weeks 11 and 12 passed by with the Packers losing both games by a razor-thin margin, it was now time for the Packers to “run the table”.

A loss over the course of the last five games would certainly doom the Packers’ playoff hopes, the Packers were able to win four straight by beating Chicago, the LA Rams, Miami, and Minnesota.  One game remained: Sunday night, at home vs. the Detroit Lions.

The game was simple: Win and In.  Packers’ fans nationwide were confident in the team, confident enough to a point where I personally felt that we were good enough to win the Super Bowl.  Unfortunately, that would be all that would be said about the Packers’ season.  The Lions were victorious, 20-16, in a game that may have been some of the most unwatchable football of all time.  The Packers abandoned and could not rely on what had made them great over the past month.  The team abandoned the run game in the second half, played sloppy, undisciplined football that saw a Packers LB be ejected from the game, and they were unable to sack the opposing QB or create turnovers during the entire game.  The season deserved to be over.  That team did not deserve to be in the playoffs.  I can’t wait to write this exact same article next year because due to an incompetent front office and a lack of accountability from the coaching staff.  The Packers will just be disappointing, year in and year out.