Intense Decorating Around the World

Vanessa Arambula, Staff Writer

Most families try and decorate their house for Christmas and go all out for it to get into the holiday spirit but some families go a little too far with the decorations around their house.

A family in Stockholm, Sweden wanted to have the best house there and went over the top by covering their house with 300,000 light bulbs. With that amount of light bulbs you could see the house miles and miles away because of how bright the lights were. Putting lights every where made the house very beautiful but it be terrible if one of the lights went out. Another family that went out for Christmas is the Vogt family. The Vogt family is from Germany and they put about 500,000 bright lights around their yard as well along with some Christmas figures in their yard but what really tops it off is they put a merry-go-round in their yard, and people can come and visit their house and ride the merry-go-round while enjoying a hot spiced wine. In Brooklyn, a family gets festive and puts figures like nutcrackers, angels, and other Christmas characters in their yard. This family also puts lights all around their house but they also put garland with the lights and some wreaths along the house.

With all these houses being intensively decorated you can just imagine the light bill that these houses have to pay because of the many light that are going around the houses. The other thing that not many families thought about it the time it take to put up these decorations and taking them down because both take many hours, even days to do both. Not only does it take time but it also takes dedication to do all this, props to all of these families because I don’t know if I would have the dedications and patience to do all of this.