Running Lane Recap


Summer Norwell, Staff Writer

On Thursday, December 1, fifteen athletes from Holy Family’s cross country team flew to Huntsville, Alabama for the weekend to compete in the Running Lane 5K as a part of Coach Isaiah Remington’s Amateur Track Club.

We flew into Nashville, Tennessee late Thursday night and then prepared ourselves for the two hour drive to Huntsville, Alabama. When we reached the hotel, it was close to 1 a.m. so we went to bed right away.

Since we got in so late, we had to adjust our schedule. The next morning, we got up and got some breakfast before going on a team outing to Trader Joe’s to get some snacks and breakfast for the next day. After that, we went to the race to pick up bib numbers and see the course. Later that night, our coach took us to an arcade so we could have some fun and play laser tag before going to dinner and heading back to the hotel to have our team meeting. 

The next morning, we got up early and ate some breakfast before heading out. It rained all morning so the course was incredibly muddy by the time it got to the girls race. Our team was split into different races based on time. The races and times were as follows:

Boys White Race

Will Cavanaugh, 19:10.30,  137th in his race

William Gallegos,  21:08.30,  245th in his race 

Boys Red Race

Garrett Smith,  17:29.40,  120th in his race

Gabe Martinez, 17:33.60,  137th in his race

Joe Brienza,  17:34.70,  144th in his race

Boys Blue Race

Patrick Cavanaugh, 16:41.50,  45th in his race

Parker Nelson, 17:07.90,  107th in his race

Girls Bronze Race

Adiah Stoll,  19:57.90,  6th in her race

Katherine Ryan,  20:09.30,  12th in her race

MacKenzie McIntosh, 20:23.50,  18th in her race

Summer Norwell,  21:19.70,  74th in her race

Marley Tatum,  25:42.70,  234th in her race

Katie Philipsen,  25:55.30,  238th in her race

Josie Ley, 24:42.20,  218th in her race

Girls Silver Race

Anabella Descalzo, 20:07.40,  111th in her race

After the race the girls team got interviewed as we were one of the only full teams there and almost all of us were in the same race. Overall, the weekend was super successful and a lot of fun.