Kanye’s fall from grace


Will Nolan, Staff Writer

Kanye West has certainly lived a life full of controversial moments.  The Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 MTV VMAs, his meeting with then-president Donald Trump, his cyber-harassment of Pete Davidson, or any other story relating to Kanye that you could think of.  None of those stack up to the comments that he made on the “Alex Jones podcast”.

He made a series of extremely questionable anti-semitic remarks, questioning whether or not the Holocaust actually happened, even saying that every single human being even the guy who was the mastermind behind the whole Nazi party, brought something to the table.  As expected the American public has not reacted well to these comments.

Kanye was met with a firestorm of public backlash.  He lost his endorsement deals with both Balenciaga and  Adidas.  He was banned from both Twitter and Instagram for comments that he made over both platforms.   The censoring, banning, whatever you want to call it is somethings needed to happen for a long time.  He was temporarily banned after he went public with his comments about his displeasure about Pete Davidson dating him ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, to a point where it openly questioned whether or not Pete Davidson should have security in case Kanye attempted to do something to him.  Prior to this he went on a rant about how he has “had his kids taken away from him”.  Kim Kardashian regained majority custody of the children because she was deemed mentally sound.  It is justafiable that she has the kids and he doesn’t have custody.

Kanye is not mentally sane.  That is clear as day.  Look at the picture that is on the cover page.  Does that look like a man that is mentally sound and a man in control of his own thoughts?  No, he needs help, but unfortunately, I don’t believe that there is anyone willing to give it to him.  What happened to the old Kanye?  The one that put out albums that made millions.  That man is gone and society will probably never see him again.