How To Help Out This Christmas

How To Help Out This Christmas

Marissa Gray, Staff Writer

With Christmas steadily approaching, it is a busy time of year for families around Colorado. They must buy gifts, coordinate with other family members, and plan a feast that leaves everyone with a full stomach. The stress that accompanies the holiday season puts immense pressure on some. On top of that, several families and individuals do not have the necessary resources to provide a complete Christmas meal or even a meal at all. As a community, we must help relieve a little bit of this pressure. If you are lucky enough to have an abundance of resources, here are a few ways that you can help those less fortunate. 

    To help those struggling with a lack of food, you can set up a food drive. This can be done within your neighborhood or even at your school, and it is a great way to serve others. Ask your local food bank what items they need most, and get friends and family to support your food drive efforts. 

    Similarly, for the more tech savvy, there are online options for fundraising. This is a great way to raise money and help other families from the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t take too much time, and your friends and family can support you with the click of a button. 

    If you do not have time to set up an entire food drive, no worries! You can just donate a few dollars to organizations that are dedicated to helping the less fortunate. Some great options for donations are Feeding America, Make-A-Wish, St. Jude, and any of your local shelters or food banks. 

    Finally, suit up and physically volunteer at your local shelter or food bank. These places are constantly in need of helping hands for activities like serving, cleaning, and cooking for the people that depend on their services. Anything helps!

    During the Christmas season, always remember that giving is just as important as receiving. Any act of kindness will not go unnoticed!