Indiana Basketball Crisis

Indiana Basketball Crisis

Rory Romano, Staff Writer

The gender gaps in sports, especially basketball was always a hot topic in the community. If that has to do with the time in the bubble and WNBA issues or women’s march madness when they didn’t get equipment, there is always situations that you can think on and understand the females side of the story.

There is also the perspective of the men simply have more fans and create more revenue and it is a bigger program with more followers.

For Indiana both programs are having great years as the men came into the season extremely hot and are currently ranked 14th, lead by college superstar Trayce Davis. The women’s program is having similar success as they are the 4th best team in the nation.

The controversy begins when both teams has big games on the same day at a large tournament. The men’s team played in a normal college basketball stadium in Las Vegas putting on a clinic and picking up a win. Therefore you would believe it would be a good day to be an Indiana basketball fan.

The saddest thing is the women, even though they are such asuccessful team, they played in a hotel conference room as they defeated Auburn. This went viral and many fans saw it as a disgrace to the program and an embarrassing moment for the NCAA.

The question becomes where is the line? The women’s team is one of the best teams in the country yet plays in a hotel conference room. Is it mostly due to the fact that the men’s team told more tickets and should that matter at the end of the day?

The women and men sports differences are always going to exist so it has to find the sweet spot over time to create a balance in between the two.