Kemba signs with Mav’s


Rory Romano, Staff Writer

Kemba Walker is a four time all star and looked at as an all time great point guard in the Charlotte Hornets franchise. He came onto the basketball scene in 2011 in an electric March Madness run, where he simply took college basketball by storm with a massive game winner against Gonzaga.

Walker excelled at the NBA level even and an underwhelming height of 5’11. He is averaging 20 ppg throughout his career paired with 5 assist and 1 steal. In his best year he put up a whopping 26 ppg with 6 assists and 5 rebounds.

last year he played a minimum role for the Nicks who were disappointing last year. He went spirts without playing and had multiple pg the coaching staff had over Kemba due to his injury history.

This year he was a free agent to begin the season and wasn’t signed to any times as it looked like his NBA years were over. There was little news coming out on his current stance on playing and if he even wanted to continue to play as he is 32 years old.

Finally, news came out yesterday stating that the Mavs have signed him to a one year, non guaranteed minimum.

The Mavs are trying to fill the hole that was created when Jalen Brunson left. There is a lacking offensive firepower when Luka is taken out of the game and that is going to be Kemba’s prospected role for the Mavericks. Walker as an ability to put the ball into the basket that very few other have. Therefore, if the Mavs can putting a defensive backing behind him when he is in the game and able to not put to much load on him due to his injury history he can contribute to winning basketball.

The future can only tell us the affect that this signing will have but it is a smart signing.