Week 14/15- Two for One Special


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

Welcome back from break. As you may have noticed we are quite behind but a girl needs a break! That’s the reason why ya’ll get a special this week. I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving because mine was great. Start putting up your Christmas decorations because tis the season! So you should’ve gotten a box, and share with friends, we care this time, tis the season to share.

For our week 14 lineup-

Starting of in fourth, Lemon BlackBerry (second from left). This was a lemon poppyseed cookie smothered with a marbled lemon poppyseed and blackberry frosting. This was a new cookie! But this cookie was in the wrong lineup. Personally I think the lemon flavors should be left in summer, that’s just where they belong. I don think this cookie fit into the fall lineup. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t the greatest.

Next, in third, Hazelnut Sea Salt (second from right). This was a browned butter cookie drizzled and stuffed with a melty hazelnut spread. I enjoy a good Nutella but they just didn’t put enough in there. I believe for this cookie to fully strive it needs to be basically overflowing. The amount of spread was underwhelming and upsetting. It wasn’t a terrible cookie though and it still tasted good.

Now, for second, Pumpkin Cake (far right). This was a soft pumpkin spice cookie layered with cream cheese and chocolate chips. I think Crumbl really knows what they’re doing with these pumpkin cookies. Again, if you don’t like pumpkin, you will now. This cookie was the perfect amount of cake and frosting. I’m beginning to become a big fan of pumpkin and I think that’s a good thing. Hopefully you didn’t miss this cookie!

Finally, last but not least, in first, Apple Pie (far left). This was a buttery pie cookie topped with apple pie filling and cookie crumbs. This cookie was a hit! Everyone loved this cookie and we were absolutely devouring this cookie. I loved everything about it. There’s not one lineup where this cookie doesn’t come out in first. If you didn’t try this one you should be upset with yourself! I don even lie actual apple pie this much but it was dang good!

I thought that lineup was pretty good, maybe not the greatest but hey I think it kept us on a good win streak. But let’s look into next week and see if the streak continues.

For our week 15 lineup-

As always, let’s get fourth over with, Maple Cinnamon Roll (far right). This was a vanilla sugar cookie topped with cinnamon roll filling and swirled with maple frosting. I don have anything great to say about this cookie. Honestly it was bland and didn’t bring any sort of competition to the table. I wouldn’t have recommended this cookie. I have nothing more to say because this cookie just brought nothing to the table.

Moving on to third, Salted Caramel Cheesecake (second from left). This was a three layer cookie starting with graham cracker, then cheesecake frosting, and a gooey caramel with a touch of sea salt. I thought the cheesecake part of this cookie was great. I wasn’t to into the caramel, I thought it was quite a lot. Mr. Yunt brought up a point, this cookie looked like mashed potatoes and gravy. I wasn’t supper impressed and I probably wouldn’t choose this cookie.

Let’s get into second, Pumpkin Pie (far left). This was a buttery pie crust cookie with a spiced pumpkin filling finished with whipped cream and cinnamon. I love pumpkin pie, it’s my favorite dessert but lots of people don’t. That’s one reason this cookie couldn’t be in first. Another reason, I will admit, the filling was not solid it was quite mushy. The taste was still there but I wasn’t super fond of the consistency. I love the pie cookies though, I want Crumbl to keep them coming.

And for our last first place of the week, Cranberry White Chip Ft. Ocean Spray (second from right). This was a buttery cookie with vanilla, Ocean Spray Craisins dried cranberries, and white cookie drops. I don’t think this cookie deserves first place but the lineup was no competition. Pumpkin pie would’ve totally been in first except it wasn’t popular to the rest. I didn’t think the cookie was bad, I did like it a lot, just not first place material. Mr. Yunt hated this cookie, Who knows why though, that man has weird taste. This was kind of an old man cookie and he didn’t even like it!

Well that concludes this two for one special. It’s safe to say this Thanksgiving lineup has ended our streak. It’s extra upsetting when a holiday week ruins the streak. I hope you enjoyed the streak while it lasted and hopefully Crumbl will respark it this week! I’ll see you again on Friday, I promise!