Taking One Holiday at a Time


Vanessa Arambula, Staff Writer

During the holidays everyone seems to decorate in their houses and years, on halloween you put up scary things in your yard and around your house, during the Fourth of July you put flags outside of your house, on Valentines Day you put hearts everywhere, and so on. Every time a holiday comes around everyone tends to decorate with the theme its assigned but the one holiday everyone seems to not decorate for is Thanksgiving.

When Thanksgiving rolls around no one really seems to decorate for it by putting turkey’s up or hall decor because they are to eager to decorate for Christmas which is understandable because Christmas is the best time of the year but at the same time we should let Thanksgiving have it’s time to shine. Many people weeks before Thanksgiving even happens start to decorate for Christmas which in my opinion is too early to be decorating because you are going to have your Christmas decorations up for a long time which is fine but why would you want your Christmas tree up for that long?

I think after Thanksgiving, even if it’s the day after, is when you can start decorating for Christmas because that’s the next holiday that’s going to happen and it just makes sense that way instead of skipping Thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas. I get why people may decorate so soon because there really isn’t much to decorate for Thanksgiving but you can still put some fake pumpkins around the house, fake leaves, etc… because Thanksgiving is an important holiday and needs it’s own month for itself.