The “Anti-Hero”- Ticketmaster


Sam Weiss, Staff Writer

Bad news for the Swifties out there… Ticketmaster has canceled the regular sale for tickets to her 2023 Era’s Tour due to low inventory. Angry fans across the country have voiced their dismay with the American sales and ticket distributor, Ticketmaster.

The issue roots well before Taylor Swift’s concert, as frustrated artists and fans have shared their disappointment with the company. Ticketmaster is universally known for charging absurd fees for purchasing a ticket. In fact, the fees can make up as much as 78% of the cost. 

This company has caught the government’s attention as the Biden Administration is moving to address these extra fees in hopes of more ticket transparency. AOC, democratic representative of New York, recently tweeted that Ticketmaster is a monopoly and that it should be abolished. The U.S Justice Department is currently investigating the company.

Taylor offered a way for her most dedicated to get tickets before the bots got ahold of them- by releasing randomized presale codes. Only 1.5 million users were supposed to receive a presale code, but instead 14 million users did. Take a guess of whose fault this was- that’s right, Ticketmasters. 

Not only did these tickets sell extremely fast, the website continuously kept crashing. The sale was supposed to begin around 10:00 am on November 15th, but was delayed for multiple hours on end because the site was not prepared for millions of users.

A woman named Sydney Wallace was charged 14 times for a singular ticket, burning a $9,000 dollar hole in her pocket. Ticketmaster is messing up continuously and it is time to investigate what is really going on here.

Obtaining a resale ticket is looking more impossible as time progresses. People are making a large profit off of up-charging the tickets and reselling them. In fact, one ticket in the pit is on the market for $99,000. 

Ticketmaster issued a formal apology to Taylor herself and Taylor Nation, but it does not seem like an apology will fix their issues this time. It seems as if Ticketmaster is the “Anti-Hero” these days.