No Snow Day: C’mon Mother Nature

No Snow Day: Cmon Mother Nature

Maddy McGee, Staff Writer

Students find themselves multiple times throughout the year wondering if there will be a snow day the next day. There is no 100% accurate way to predict if it will be a snow day or not, but there are ways you can try!

There is a website called that can help you predict your snow day. It has you enter your zip code, what type of school you go to, and how many snow days you have had in the past year. It then looks at the weather and future weather predictions for your area and then gives you a percent of the odds of you having a snow day. 

It is currently November 17th and we are hoping to have a snow day tomorrow. We have put our information into the snow day calculator and it has given us a 99% chance that we will have a snow day.  It has been snowing since this morning and is supposed to keep snowing until 4 AM. This will show us how accurate the snow day calculator really is. 

It is Friday morning and unfortunately, we did not have a snow day. Maybe the snow day calculator is not as accurate as it is made out to be.

As you grew up you may have heard of the many wives’ tales about what to do to make a snow day happen. Such as wearing your pajamas inside out, flushing an ice cube down the toilet, putting a statue of Mary by the window, sleeping with a spoon under your pillow, and many many more. After years and years, people wonder where these came from or why people began to make them up. A newspaper was published in 1994 in New Jersey promoting these myths. This was the first documented reference to anything promoting superstitions about snow days. Many believe that they have been around since ancient times, but that newspaper is the only documented evidence of them being spoken about.