Week 13- Good Morning Cookie Lovers


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

Good morning Holy Family and welcome back to your favorite story of the week. I know you missed me, I would too. Are you excited for Christmas? I am, but the only thing holding me back are these amazing fall cookies. Of course you should have tried these ones because last weeks cookies were the best ones yet. Grab yourself a box, share with friends, or don’t, bulk up so you can fit all that holiday food.

And a disclaimer for this week, Matilda, at the urging of her mother, left the cookies in her freezing car overnight and they were still a little cold by the time they reached Room 203.

Starting off with 4th, Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake (far right). This was a dark chocolate cookie filled with cookies and cream pieces, layered with pumpkin spice cheesecake frosting, and a splash of cookies and cream crumbs. In any other lineup this cookie would probably be on top. I had such low expectations but this cookie changed my mind. Again Crumbl doesn’t miss when it comes to these pumpkin cookies and again they’ve impressed me yet again. After this I might be a certified pumpkin lover!

Next, in 3rd, Strawberry Cake (second from left). This was a warm strawberry and vanilla cookie, swirled with strawberry cream cheese frosting, and sprinkled with white chocolate curls. This was a new cookie! I like what Crumbl is doing with the strawberry cookies. I still think strawberry milk comes out on top in this category but still the cookie was great. It tasted like cake but actually was a cookie which truly surprised me. I recommend this cookie and if you missed it, you’re losing.

Now, for 2nd, Buckeye Brownie (second from right). This was layered with chocolate, brownie, buckeye peanut butter, and melted semi sweet chocolate. I loved this cookie. I love me a good chocolate and peanut butter mix. If you’ve ever had the tagalong Girl Scout cookie, this is exactly what it tasted like but giant and with brownie. The peanut butter was perfect and usually I’m not that in to peanut butter. You should’ve tried this cookie immediately. If not, you should actually be so sad.

Finally, in 1st, Cookie Butter White Chip (far left). This was a butter cookie, packed with butter pieces, and white chips. I’m aware this cookie looks like dog food, it looks like there’s a scooby snack on top. But dog treat and all this cookie was great. What is better cake you ask… who the heck knows but it’s dang good! Maybe they made up butter cake, maybe one day I’ll actually look in to what butter cake is. Either way this was an amazing cookie and truly we could not get enough!

That’s all for this amazing week, I hope these cookie brightened up your week the way they did to mine. And there goes another amazing lineup for the books. Thanks for joining us and don’t forget to tune in for this week.