Guess Who’s Back: Drug Lady Pt. 2


Maddy McGee, Staff Writer

Drug Lady is back again! Lynn Reimer also known as Drug Lady made a second appearance in the junior and freshman classes. She came to talk to us at the beginning of October and is back again to share more information and stories. 

She shared more of her experiences working in this field. She also informed us of the increasing number of deaths from overdoses and the rising amount of the fatal drug fentanyl. 

Colorado has the most fentanyl than any other state in the country. There have been increasing stats from 2020 that are only getting worse. 2 milligrams of fentanyl can be fatal depending on the height, weight, and person. She informed us that currently, the rule in the state is that you can have 4 grams which in turn is 2,000 fatal doses of fentanyl. 

As the numbers of doses go up the age range goes down. They have seen overdoses in children as young as five, which is absolutely insane. They are beginning to market these drugs to children. By making them look like candies like skittles, M&M’s, and other ways to make them look appealing to children. From the color to the size they are doing everything they can.

The Drug Enforcement Administration is advising the public about this horrible circumstance. As these are targeted toward children the numbers keep increasing in deaths. They have been warning people to be careful what they eat and touch and be aware at all times. The DEA releases a “One Pill Can Kill” campaign giving Americans the resources they need. Making everyone aware of this issue in our society. 

It is essential for everyone including children to be educated about it. Being educated can save so many lives.