The Good News Only Page

Welcome to the page full of only good news, we don’t want negativity here. Read to put a smile of your face! :)

The Good News Only Page

Ally Merrion, Staff Writer/Editor

The world has felt a little bit like a giant dumpster fire. It feels like we’ve been bombarded with bad news almost constantly for the last six months. So here’s a page of entirely good news. We’re here to talk about fun things! Think of this as an emotional cup of coffee.

35 year old elephant Kaavan was finally moved from his lonely habitat in an Islamabad zoo to a brand new enclosure in the Elephant Nature Park where he will be surrounded by elephant friends for the rest of his life. Elephants are naturally pack animals, so Kaavan finally gets to experience a big part of being an elephant! His adjustment to his new home has gone very well and he’s much happier in his new herd.

Brazilian Hyundai dealership owner, Emerson Mariano, adopted and hired a local street dog at his dealership. A stray dog was visiting the Hyundai dealership all the time looking for food, water, and lots of affection. Mariano started to take notice of the dog and decided to officially add him to the dealership staff. The dog was named Tucson Prime, and was given the officially given the title of “Office meeter and greeter” Tucson Prime has his own Instagram account and has gathered many fans since his hire, and he answers all his fan mail (with the help of his humans of course).

Alright so now that I’ve shared some totally random animal good news, I’m on to the stuff that matters. Welcome back to the real world issues, new and improved with a positive spin.

We all have to wear masks pretty much everywhere now, which isn’t super fun. It can actually make communicating much more difficult, especially for people with hearing impairments. Lucky for them Dr. Brian Travers has started making clear masks so people can stay safe and effectively communicate. Many people with hearing impairments rely on lip reading to understand when people speak, but masks make that very difficult. With Dr. Travers’ see through masks, people who are hard of hearing or deaf will be able to see people speak, allowing them to participate in conversation more effectively.

A construction company in California, Mighty Buildings, has been trying something new. They have been building tiny houses, with giant 3D printers. While this might seem crazy, it’s actually surprisingly doable. The houses can be custom ordered and built in 24 hours, significantly reducing the cost of the houses and the amount of labor used to build them. In addition to this, building with a 3D printer is better for the environment. The 3D printer has significantly fewer carbon emissions and will help reduce the amount of lumber needed to build. The affordability and ease at which these houses can be built make them ideal for low income neighborhoods and they have already begun being build all over the world.

So there you go! A page full or nothing but good news. Hopefully at least one of these stories put a smile on your face and lifted your spirits. The world is still a really good place, you just have to do a little digging to see it.