The CU Debut


Marissa Gray, Staff Writer

On November 5, 2022, the HF cheer team made their way down to CU Boulder for a halftime show. The girls and I had been looking forward to our performance with the CU cheerleaders all season, and the time had finally come.

The practice the Friday morning before was tough. It was only Coach Monique, and we had to learn a stunt sequence in 2 hours. For the entire time, we changed things that didn’t work and modified parts of the performance. Once we finally had a solid routine, we felt good for Saturday.

Once Saturday rolled around, it was an extremely early morning for everyone. For me, I had to wake up at 7:30am to be on time for the 8:45am deadline. My parents drove me down to CU, since they wanted to watch the performance. Once we arrived, my parents immediately began to stress about finding the coaches and the practice facility. It took so long to find it and the rest of my teammates, as I was rushing through 50mph winds trying to find everyone. However, I found my spot on time for the day’s events.

At 9am, it was go time. We entered the indoor practice facility and met up with the CU cheerleaders. They were super nice, and we started warming up our stunts with them. Everything hit smoothly, so we went to lunch and prepared for the game.

When halftime came, the whole team was freezing. It was so windy and cold, but the show had to go on. We ran out there and hit every stunt! I was so proud of my team and the fact that the stunts hit with only about 3 hours of preparation. Special shoutout to Jace Gunderson and Will Nolan for attending the game and supporting us, even if it was for extra credit. Even though it was an incredibly long day for the cheer team, I am so happy with how it went and it gave us some much needed practice in front of a crowd.