Week 12- Spookies


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

Welcome back to your favorite story of the week. I’m aware this one is late but who really wants to be productive on Halloweek, not me! Especially the Friday after some Thursday night football! Count me out… and my freezing cold toes. Anyway I hope you had a great time contributing to cavities or maybe scaring some little brats but enough of that, let’s get into some cookies. Share with friends, or don’t, just make your dentist appointment in advance.

Starting off with fourth place, Blue Monster Ft. Chips Ahoy (far left). This was a cookie with brown sugar, semi sweet chocolate chips, and Chips Ahoy cookie crumbs, swirled with blue frosting and a mini Chips Ahoy. I think it’s cheating making a cookie out of another cookie. Where’s the fun and the creativity? Nowhere! It just doesn’t work out because it’s basically plagiarism. I don’t support the Crumbl cookies of other cookies. It wasn’t a bad cookie but just save your money and get a whole pack of Chips Ahoy for the price of this cookie.

Moving on to third, Peanut Butter Nougat Ft Snickers (second from right). This was a peanut butter, nougat, vanilla bean, and milk chocolate cookie topped with Snickers pieces. Snickers is in my top 2 favorite candies and this was a good cookie. I don’t enjoy a cookie with the name Snickers placing in third but that’s what we had going on last week. I think you should give this cookie a try but it didn’t do justice to Snickers. Recommended cookie, not an amazing cookie.

Not much to say there but now, for second, Cornbread Honey Cake (far right). This was a warm cornbread cookie topped with honey cream cheese frosting, a drizzle of honey, and cornbread streusel. This was a new cookie! Stick wheat in between my teeth and call me Caroline because I love me some corn bread. This cookie was the perfect amount of savory and sweet and I could go on for days. If you missed out on this cookie, you missed out on a lot. It was a close call not putting this one in first but I think this cookie should be brought to Thanksgiving dinner!

Finally, in first, Almond Coconut Fudge (second from left). This was a chocolate cookie, spread with coconut, milk chocolate, and almonds. They really couldn’t have come up with a better name? It’s okay, the cookie makes up for it’s horribly thought of name. If you’re allergic to nuts its honestly a horrible day for you. If you like Almond Joys you’re God’s favorite, you’re beautiful, smart, intelligent, and you have amazing taste. We ate the whole cookie because we could not get enough. If the coconut is what’s keeping you away from this cookie, don’t let it and you won’t regret it. If you’re a weirdo that doesn’t like chocolate (Mr. Yunt), you’ll still like this cookie.

I’d say it was another great week in the books and I think that puts us into a streak! Everything tasted good and it was a week you did not want to miss out on. Be on the lookout for this weeks cookies I promise I’ll put us back on track. Be sure to tune in… and brush those teeth!