Ranking The 2022 World Cup Kits

Brendan Staff, Staff Writer

With the 2022 World Cup just around the corner, and all of the new kits released, it’s time to rank them. Here are the top 10 2022 World Cup kits ranked.

10. Uruguay

Uruguay and Puma make some good looking kits this year. The light blue look very good on the white jersey. Paired with accents of gold, this kits acheieves a very sleek look. The racing stripe down the middle look a little out of place but overall, it is a clean looking kit. Their blue counterparts are a little plain, but the colors still work, earning them a spot in the top 10.

9. Morocco

Morocco comes into the 2022 World Cup with some very solid kits. Their whites are clean and simple with a faint circular design in the center along with a bit of color added to the neck and sleeves. However their red kits are a different story. I think the horizontal stripe interrupted by the Puma logo looks a little awkward. The colors still work well together, landing Morocco the number 9 spot.

8. Ghana

Puma and Ghana created a solid World Cup kit this year. These colors go together very well, however the white is very plain. The red kits have great vibrant colors without going over the top. The design in the middle along with the special font of the country name adds some flare to the kit. The design on the sleeves also pop on the red base. This kit is colorful and vibrant and will look flashy on field. However Ghana’s white kits are just a little plain and boring with the only color being on the sleeve and the only design being a plain black star in the middle

7. Japan

Japan changes things up with a modern take to this year’s World Cup kits. The royal and light blue colors look so good. The jagged modern looking design adds another layer to the jersey. However where Japan misses out is on their white kits. They are just too plain. A similar modern jagged red and blue design has a 3 dimensional effect. However it is barely visible on the kit. Only small doses are scattered throughout the sleeves and socks. If these colorful 3D designs were larger and in displayed more places, the plain white would look much more interesting, and would probably bump these kits up into the top 5.

6. Senegal

Senegal has one of the best simple kits in the entire World Cup. Green, yellow, and red are colors that will always work well together. The simplicity of the white base allows the vibrant colors to pop, bringing another layer to the kit. The vibrant and colorful stitching along the sleeves and neck also pop when contrasted to the white. Overall Senegal has clean, yet colorful kits that really pop, earning them a top 5 spot.


5. Spain

Spain unveils some absolute heat for the 2022 World Cup. Their red kits include the classic colors of Spain that have worked well together for decades. They are simple and clean, letting the patch and yellow accents shine, complementing the red very well. Their light blue kits are where the Spanish shake things up. The light blue color with the wavy design make for a great jersey. The color pairs well with the slightly darker blue shorts as well as the red and yellow accents. These new Spanish kits will truly shine under the lights.

4. Serbia

Puma makes an elegant kit with Serbia. Maybe it has something to do with the throne, but these kits carry a sense of royalty with them. The white and gold is clean yet flashy. The central crest with the number inside adds some spice to the simple jersey. The gold pairs well with the red as well. Puma makes another clean look, stressing simplicity and elegance. The gold accents are allowed to  shine on both jerseys when matched with a simple base.


3. Argentina

The classic and iconic Argentinian stripes make a return for this year’s World Cup. The baby blue and white stripes are so clean especially when paired with the gold crest. The darker away kits are fire to say the least. The dark and light purple-ish colors make for a great look. The lighter accents at the bottom of the jersey make a flame design that adds a modern flare to the classic look. Adidas continues to make clean world cup kits.


2. Mexico

Mexico continues to deliver with this year’s World Cup kits. Their classic green and red colors work so well together. The green jersey is clean with a jagged design and accents of red dabbled throughout. The lighter cream colored jersey is even better. The intricate darker red Aztec inspired design gives the simple color some pop, making for a great looking World Cup kit.

1. Germany

Germany’s kits are absolutely beautiful. The combination of red, black, and gold go together so well. The white jersey’s simplicity with the vertical brand, patch, and number along with the thick black stripe down the middle make for a sleek jersey. The dark red jerseys shake up the classic formula by bringing a complexity to the look, without going over the top. The jerseys also feature the iconic Adidas stripes along the sleeve. Safe to say Adidas did a great job making these kits.