Best and Worst Halloween Candies

Best and Worst Halloween Candies

Vanessa Arambula, Staff Writer

Halloween is the one time a year where kids get to go trick or treating from house to house and get as much candy as you can and have a lot of candy to last you weeks. People give out all kinds of candy on Halloween but of course with everything else, there are some good candies and some not so good ones.

Everyone has their preferences on which candy is the best one but there are only some that are acceptable. On Halloween night people try and go to the houses with the best candies. Some students say that Hersey’s, Mr. GoodBars, Snickers, and pretty much any chocolate bar are the best kind of candies to get on Halloween. In my opinion, I would have to agree because all chocolate is good and is the type of candy you can eat and never get tired of because there are a lot of chocolate candy to chose from. Another top Halloween candies are nerds and gummy worms. These two candies are also good because they aren’t too sweet or sour and if you are a person that doesn’t like chocolate than these are good fall back candies.

Some candies that are rated the worse are whoppers, tootsie rolls, and most of all candy corn. All of these candies are the ones you try and trade with your siblings to try and get a better candy or the ones that are left in your bag untouched. With these candies, especially candy corn I just feel like there isn’t much flavor to them and they are kinda bland and that’s why a lot of people don’t like them. Candy corn is the main candy for Halloween but I don’t think much people actually eat them and just get them and put them in a jar for decorations but it’s really no ones first choice of candy during Halloween.

Regardless all candy is good and Halloween is the one time of night kids can stay up past their bed time to get a bunch of candy to eat!!