Smile – The Perfect Halloween Movie

Smile - The Perfect Halloween Movie

Marissa Gray, Staff Writer

If you are a scary movie fan, you’ll love what is in theaters right now. At 1 hour and 55 minutes long, the new movie Smile is a great way to spend a free night. Just in time for Halloween, Smile is a creepy psychological thriller bound to make anyone jump. The movie premiered on September 30, 2022 around the United States. It will be gone soon, so hurry to go see it. 

Starring Sosie Bacon, Smile follows Dr. Rose Cotter after a horrific incident with one of her patients. After the tragedy, Cotter begins to experience unexplainable paranormal events. Everyone in her life, including her fiancé, believes that her recent and past trauma is causing a mental breakdown, when in reality there is a force much more sinister at work. She discovers that she is not alone in the curse, and works to uncover how to get rid of it. Dr. Rose must confront the evil in order to be free of its grasp, and face her deepest darkest fears. 

The most prominent part of Smile was the jump scares. They seemed to be in almost every scene after we watched the traumatic incident that Dr. Rose suffers through. There are jumpscares involving house alarms, cat food cans, family members, and car windows. However, the truly unsettling part of Smile is the way that Dr. Rose’s life slowly falls apart under the demonic curse. She loses everything in her life, and becomes fully consumed by the smiles. The deterioration of her mental state and physical life is horrifying, and it all comes to a point when she meets her fate at the end. 

Smile is an incredibly creepy movie that is worth the price of a movie ticket. Go watch it with friends, family, or whoever is willing to be terrified for almost 2 hours.