Week 11- Candy and Cookies?!


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

Welcome back to your favorite story of the week!!! With Halloween coming up we got some great cookies. I don’t know about y’all but I love me some Halloween! The decorations, the costumes, the candy apples… if you don’t love it then I don’t like you! Anyways, go get yourself a box of these candy cookies. Share with friends, or don’t, just don’t eat too much candy this weekend.

And in fourth, Strawberry Limeade Ft. Nerds (far right). This was a tart lime cookie topped with a marbled strawberry buttercream, and a sprinkle of Nerds and Nerds Gummy Clusters. This was a new cookie! But it was far to sweet and not tart enough. I love Nerds but if I’m being honest this did not taste like any nerd I’ve ever had. I think Crumbl might’ve bit off more than they could chew because this cookie was not well. Great idea, not a great execution. I don’t recommend this cookie honestly, save your money.

In third, Classic Krispies Bar Ft. Rice Krispies (second from right). This was a crackly Rice Krispies cookie with marshmallow, butter, and vanilla. Let’s get one thing straight, it was not a cookie it was a Rice Krispie treat. Was it good? Yes! Why? Because you can’t mess up a rice krispie treat and that’s just facts. Why is it third if it was good? It’s too basic! Go big or go home. Props to them for knowing America’s love for Rice Krispy and making some money. If you like them that much, sure, waste your money on them, if not, save it for a better day!

Now, in second, Chocolate Malt Ft. Tootsie Roll (second from left). This was a chocolate malt cookie, topped with Tootsie Roll buttercream, a drizzle of Tootsie Roll caramel, and topped with a Tootsie Roll. This was another new cookie! Now that was a lot of tootsie and so was this cookie. I know as a kid, Tootsie Rolls are always that candy that get’s left at the bottom of the bag and eaten last (I recommend putting your Tootsie Rolls in the microwave, it’s a game changer). Except this cookie brought back those fond memories. It tasted just like a Tootsie Roll and I thought it was amazing. You’ve got to try this cookie, you will not regret it, I promise. Try something new and different, it’s good for the soul.

Finally, in first…. Peanut Butter Crisp Ft. Butterfinger (far left)! This was a rich cookie bursting with creamy peanut butter, melted chocolate, and crunchy butter finger pieces. I love Butterfingers! If you don’t, you have some serious issues. Recently I’ve also been loving peanut butter cookies. I think everyone should try this cookie. It has honestly made my week. Waste all your money on this cookie! I might go back to get another! I can’t give it enough justice in words so you need to go out and try it!

Cookies and Candy for breakfast! We’re going nuts in here! This was a great week, one for the books. Treat yourself for Halloween, go try these cookies, you won’t regret it. I hope your Halloween weekend is well spent and don’t forget to tune in for next week’s review!