Introducing the 2022 Jr. Tiger Spirit Team!


Matilda Warner, Staff Writer

At Thursdays home football game against Fort Morgan, 92 preschool through eighth graders joined the Holy Family Cheer and Poms team on the sideline.

It all started three hours before the games with a two hour practice for the kiddos. Duck, duck, goose, Little Sally Walker, and Freeze Dance were all a part of the warm up process.

Followed by warm ups was a separation of groups. Preschoolers through second grade and third through eighth grade were split into two groups. Third through eighth graders went on to learn the half time performance with poms, while the preschoolers through second graders went on to learn stunts, jumps, tumbling, and cheers with the cheer team. After an hour of teaching the younger children how to cheer at games, the groups switched. Third through eighth grades went on to learn how the necessary game day skills.

After the two hour practice, a dinner break was in order. Pizza, chips, fruit snacks, and drinks were provided for the 92 kids. About 15 boxes of pizza were gone in the span of 20 minutes. While the children ate, cheerleaders and pommies went to warm up on the sideline before the arrival of the players.

Within five minuets after the start of the game, the Jr. Tigers took the sideline and started their debut as an HF Tigers Spirit Member. They learned the momentum of the student section along with the bang of the cannon after a touchdown.

As the anxious children awaited the end of the second quarter, the anticipation and excitement was at its peak. Halftime came and a good two minuets went by before everyone was ready and in their spots. The halftime performance was the best it has ever been.

After the performance, the Jr. Tigers were ready to reconnect with their families. Parents were overjoyed to see their new and improved cheerleaders and dancers. As the end of the football game neared, it is safe to the energy was worth it to see 92 little smiling faces.