Its Application Time

Its Application Time

Summer Norwell, Staff Writer

Applying to college is a huge step in a high schoolers career. By applying to college, students finally begin to grow up and mature. They are soon going to be on their own and responsible for almost everything that comes their way. However, as the deadline for college applications gets closer and closer, the stress on upcoming college freshmen grows bigger.

“Do not be afraid to try new things and be okay with stepping out of your comfort zone. It is going to be overwhelming and a shock, but the sooner you find people with similar interests it will make a difference,” Mrs. Fabian said.

The stress that comes with college application really begins at the end of your junior year. This is because at the end of junior year, kids are swamped with prepping for their ACT’s and SAT’s as well as going on college tours to see where they will fit best after their high school days are over. 

Applying to college is an incredibly stressful time for seniors looking to go to college next year. There are so many details and steps needed when applying to your dream school. You have to write your personal statement, your supplemental essays, find colleges you like, and fill out your resume. Not to mention the stress of actually applying to your colleges and then on top of that, having anxious wait as you wait to be either accepted or rejected.

However, the good news about applying to college is that after you apply, senior year is fun. You no longer have to worry about your resume or your essays but rather you can spend the rest of your year with your friends and maybe school. I say maybe because once college applications are done, the senior class tends to gain a growing case of senioritis. Senioritis is when students at the end of their year lose motivation toward their studies. Symptoms of students with senioritis include a drop in grades, incomplete assignments, and procrastination. Other students will even skip class or turn in work that is subpar.