Week 8- Hello October!


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

Welcome back to your favorite story of the week… The Crumbl review!!! Recently I’ve been very impressed with the cookies of the week and last week just continued to add on. If you’re not trying these you’re doing everything wrong, an extra $15 a week isn’t hurting anybody. So go get yourself a box. Share with friends, or don’t, everyone needs a little extra to keep them warm in the fall.

Let’s start it off with 4th, Original Featuring Peanut Butter M&M’S Candies (second from right). This was a cookie studded with peanut butter M&Ms candies and stuffed with peanut butter. This cookie was delicious and  I did like it but it wasn’t the best of the week. The competition was tough but I would definitely eat this cookie again. I’d say it’s more of a regular cookie you could buy in store and less of a take your breath away Crumbl type of cookie. Nonetheless it was great but moving on.

Next is 3rd, Caramel Apple (far left). This was a warm cinnamon apple cookie topped with caramel cream cheese frosting, chopped granny smith apples, a drizzle of caramel, and a homemade streusel. Crumbl really went above and beyond for this cookie, it was as if fall threw up on a cookie and it was a great idea. If I’m being honest it was a lot of caramel and was very sweet but that’s just your everyday Crumbl cookie. I still liked it and would eat it on occasion. A little less would do them better but you can’t always be perfect.

Now for 2nd, Aggie Blue Mint (far right). This was a cookies and cream cookie covered with minty blue buttercream. A little summer in the fall never hurt anybody and certainly didn’t this time. We loved this cookie and it tasted just like ice cream. I don’t think it was too sweet and I would eat it a million times again. Everyone needs to try this cookie at some point in their life and Crumbl did an amazing job making a cookie taste like ice cream. Highly recommend!

Finally for first, Pumpkin Roll (second from left). This was a pumpkin cookie with a blend of fall spices topped with a vanilla cream cheese frosting. I never knew I was a pumpkin dessert fan until now. Crumbl has been cranking out some really great ones ever since that pumpkin chocolate chip fail. Put your faith into these pumpkin cookies even if you don’t think you’re a pumpkin person, you won’t regret it.

I love the fall and now I love pumpkin. Crumbl has been cranking out some of the best cookies so far. We hope this streak continues because it really adds on to the good vibes. We hope you enjoyed last weeks cookies as much as we did and make sure to tune in for this week.