Has the JonBenet Ramsey case finally been solved?


Matilda Warner, Staff Writer

In the 1996 cold case of the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, the Boulder police were solely to blame for not identifying a prime suspect. It is until October 5th, when JonBenet’s brother “slammed” the Boulder PD.

“Damn shame @boulderpolice refused the help of the much more experienced Denver PD.” John Ramsey wrote this with a link attaching the Denver Police Department’s victory in cracking a cold case from 18 years ago.

This situation’s upbringing started on Wednesday when the DPD and Denver District Attorney’s office announced the arrest of 49 year old, Jason Groshart. Groshart, having been arrested in Missouri, has been connected with a 2004 burglary and sexual assault that occurred near the 3700 block of North Stuart Street.

The Denver PD is determined that with more diligence of older, more serious cases, positive and influential outcomes are around the corner. Denver Chief of Police, Ron Thomas, is continuing, “to pursue and bring justice to those who harm our community.

With the same determination, the Boulder PD has not officially announced the JonBenet case as a cold case. This is due to the Ramsey family asking for more time as there are independent agencies examining DNA evidence in hopes of finding new potential suspects. The family  believes the Boulder PD is, to this day, is withholding evidence from the family. With updated technology, there are hopes that multiple suspects can be checked for matches of the DNA found at the scene.

I sat down with Jason Martinez, Holy Family’s forensics teacher, asking his opinion on the updates of the 25 year old case. As new DNA testing is present, Martinez agrees that this approach will be the most influential aspect for the case allowing for a significant breakthrough, if all goes well. As DNA testing is expensive, the Ramsey family has agreed to compensate for all of the testing.