Pancake Q/A with Bode


Loralee Ward, Staff Writer

“They put the chocolate in the pancakes for you to eat, not wear!” says a stranger, laughing at my eight year-old cousin as he demolishes his flight of chocolate chip pancakes. Bode opted out of using silverware, choosing instead to use his hands.

I would have followed Bode’s lead though I may have gotten some strange looks. I share the same love for pancakes as Bode. As I looked across the table, I could not help but smile. The essence of Bode cannot be captured, but the image of him eating pancakes comes close.

My mom stepped in this weekend to chauffeur Bode to and from hockey practice and other extracurriculars. After Sunday’s hockey practice, I met my mom and Bode at Snooze to chow down. While waiting for our food, I asked Bode a few questions:

Q: How was hockey practice?

BW: Good.

Q: Why did you start playing hockey?

BW: First of all, my parents asked me.

Q: What’s your favorite sport?

BW: Hockey…it’s fun. You get to move around and stuff.

Q: What motivates you?

BW: Because I like hockey. I would be sad if I missed practice, because it’s a fun sport. *guzzles chocolate milk*

Q: What do you want to accomplish before middle school?

BW: Get used to not getting in trouble so I don’t get punches in middle school. *At Saint John the Baptist, middle schoolers wear “punch cards” with the letters M-A-S-S. An infraction results in a hole punch over one letter. If all letters get punched, students serve detention.*

Q: What are you most excited for in the next month?

BW: Elk hunting.

Q: Any advice to a younger Bode?

BW: To be kind.

I will also try to take Bode’s advice to be kind—pretty wise words for a third-grader. This pancake-eating, Mario Kart-loving, ultra-competitive kid will undoubtedly live life on his own terms.