Top 10 Best CFB Uniforms

Brendan Staff, Staff Writer

With the ever changing world of college athletics, especially with the NIL, money is all over the place and with that comes the ability to create new uniforms . Let’s take a deep dive into who has the best threads in the land:


10. University of Colorado

Despite their extremely terrible performance on field, the Colorado Buffaloes at least look good while losing. The Buffs can mix and match their uniforms to make some clean options. While the classic gold helmet black jersey and gold pants look good, a blackout with a gold or black helmet gives them an intimidating look.





9. University of Tennessee

The Volunteers continue to rock their classic uniforms, unchanged since the 70s. The classic white helmets and pants with the bright orange jersey and accents really pop. The white numbers made larger to be seen on tv back in the 70s round out the classic look of the uniform. No team does bright orange better than the Tennessee Volunteers especially when combined with the color coordinated stadium. The Vols also brought out their grey alternates last week, another clean jersey added to the lineup.








8. University of North Carolina

While some think a Jordan Logo doesn’t belong on a football jersey, it is undeniable that UNC looks great in these uniforms. The use of both baby blue with navy blue accents presents a classic look. The dark accents seen throughout the jersey truly makes the baby blue pop. The matching stripe on the sleeves and helmet brings brings the look together. No other team is able to utilize baby blue as well as the Tar Heels.










7. University of Michigan

Jordan Brand continues to deliver with yet another classic look. The Michigan Wolverines have had their look unchanged since 1950. The color combination of navy blue and yellow (maize) never disappoints along with their iconic helmets. The Wolverines have made a simple yet iconic uniform look good for decades.




6. University of Miami

Miami’s blend of classic colors and modern flare earn them the number 6 spot on the list. Adidas does a good job with their basic uniforms keeping it simple, letting the iconic color combination do the talking. Adidas also changes up the classic formula for their black and neon look, providing something that really screams Miami. Adidas is able to make the new school and old school work perfectly together.




5. University of Florida

Jordan Brand strikes again with the Florida Gators’ uniforms. One of the best color combinations in college football is hard to mess up. The simple and clean look they are going for is achieved with the sleeve and pant stripes. The cursive logo on the helmet completes the clean and classic look.



4. Arizona State University

Arizona state football innovates on their already clean looking color combination. The Sunrise alternate jerseys bring a new tan color to the mix that goes well when paired with the maroon and yellow. The over-sized vintage logo on the helmet brings a bit of added spice to the classic color combination.





3. Wake Forest

The most improved uniforms of the year go to Wake Forest. A team with historically low attendance rates knows that new uniforms, and winning games, will draw a bigger crowd. Wake Forest handles black and gold perfectly with a simple and sleek black jersey and gold accents. The chrome gold helmet elevates the look to another level, above the previously worn mustard gold helmets. Wake Forest also has the ability to choose a matte black helmet to complete the blackout. Regardless of the helmet, Wake Forest does black and gold right for a simple and sleek look.




2. USC

USC has the most classic and simple look in all of college football but they do not disappoint. For the team’s entire existence, they have had two jerseys, one pair of pants, and one helmet. This unchanged classic look utilizes the combination of maroon and yellow better than any other school. The classic logo on the helmet, stripe on the sleeve, and color combination leave no desire for new uniforms.





1. University of Oregon


Coming in at the number 1 spot is the Oregon Ducks. To nobody’s surprise, Oregon reigns supreme when it comes to football uniforms.  Unlike USC with 2 combinations, 327 possible uniform combinations, allow the Ducks to find one, or maybe a season’s worth of looks that always impress. Oregon’s uniforms do it all ranging from classic and simple white with green to extravagant neon pinks and yellows or even cookies and cream. Overall, the Ducks always deliver, bringing out a new look almost any time they play.











Honorable Mentions:

Notre Dame: Classic uniforms brought down by Under Amour and their Shamrock Series edition

Boston College: Classic uniforms that are a little too plain-good color combination as well as their Red Bandanna uniforms

Military Schools: When They Play Each Other

Penn State: Classic and clean but boring

LSU: Brian Kelly