HF Spirit Week


Marissa Gray, Staff Writer

With homecoming approaching this Saturday, it is spirit week at Holy Family High School. From Monday to Friday, students are dressing up and enjoying fun activities during the school day. The dress days go as follows: Monday is Vacay Day, Tuesday is Twin Day, Wednesday is Soccer Mom/BBQ Dad, Thursday is Jersey Day, and Friday is Color Day. For Color Day, freshmen are yellow, sophomores are purple, juniors are white, and seniors are black. So far, the outfits for spirit week have been amazing. Senior Elsa Sanchez wore a full cow onesie with a floral shirt for Vacay Day. A whole group of seniors, including myself, wore Where’s Waldo t-shirts for Twin Day. Mr. McGuinness, an English teacher, dressed up as Captain Beatty from Fahrenheit 451. 

In addition to fun dress up days, the student council has cool games to play during lunch time. On Monday, we played a huge Kahoot while we ate our corndogs and talked. On Tuesday, we played musical chairs. It got pretty heated for the win, and the commons grew into quite a roar. Everyone is buzzing with excitement about the upcoming football game on Friday night and the dance on Saturday. 

At the pep rally on Friday, the cheer team will do a quick dance with a Lets Go Tigers cheer at the end to pump up the crowd. Everyone’s excitement should be high for this weekend, as we are approaching the first major event of the year. 

At the football game on Friday, our Tigers will take on the Conifer Lobos. The spirit squad has a cute performance planned. It is a combination dance with both cheer and poms, showcasing the teams fully and equally. The cheer team will do a pyramid and tumble, while poms will dance and tumble as well. The whole performance is about 5 minutes long, and will make for an amazing halftime show.