Week 6- Best Week Ever!


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

This week was the best week ever. You will thoroughly enjoy this week. Sure football lost but who cares, we all saw that one coming. Softball on the other hand, we never disappoint and yet we always have the least amount of fans, what’s up with that? Well that’s neither here nor there, let’s get to these cookies. Go get yourself a box. Share with friends, or don’t, I wouldn’t share this one either.

In fourth, Pink Cadillac Sugar (far left). This was a vanilla sugar cookie topped with a swoop of real almond frosting and Crumbl’s iconic pink Cadillac. Sure it’s just a sugar cookie, but it’s a dang good one. The pink frosting! THE PINK CADILLAC! Who cares if the cookie was even good, this cookie was adorable. The competition was tough and that’s why she’s in last, but that doesn’t define this cookie.

Now in third, Dark Dream (far right). This was a decadent chocolate cookie packed and topped with loads of semi sweet chocolate chips. This cookie tasted great. A chocolate lovers paradise and Mr. Yunt’s hell. We loved this cookie. You can’t go wrong with chocolate, you just cannot. Mr. Yunt may think otherwise but who cares, not us! This cookie warm was especially good. Get this cookie!

And now… for second… Peanut Butter Munch Ft. Muddy Buddies (second from right). This was a peanut butter cookie topped with milk chocolate, muddy buddy pieces, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. This cookie came out of nowhere. I had low expectations, I was even trash talking this cookie. I don’t like muddy buddies at all. BUT DANG THIS COOKIE. It was amazing, exceeded all expectations, and kept the good cookie week rolling. The peanut butter and the melted chocolate went together beautifully. Definitely GET THIS COOKIE!

What we’ve all been waiting for… FIRST PLACE… STRAWBERRY MILK (second from left). This was a bright strawberry pie cookie filled with strawberry mousse and sprinkled with strawberry streusel. Everyone in the class loved this cookie. Everyone in the world would probably love this cookie. I had high expectations because I love strawberry milk, strawberry milk made everyone’s childhood great. This cookie made my teenage years great. It was a new cookie and a dang good one to say the very least. This is on the top of my list so far. YOU BETTER GET THIS COOKIE.

That’s all for this amazing week. Except you may have noticed a cookie missing… Cake Batter. This time it was not Crumbl’s fault, it was Mr. Yunt. We couldn’t celebrate five years of Crumbl because he didn’t get the cookie batter cookie. A let down, yes, but if this week wasn’t as great as it was, it would’ve actually ruined the week. If that sugar cookie didn’t have a pink Cadillac this would be a different story. Happy fifth birthday Crumbl! Thank you for supplying our needs… most of the time. We love you! Continue to tune in for our next lineup. We hope you had as good of a week as we did.