The Great Coffee Debate: Dutch Bros vs. Starbucks

The Great Coffee Debate: Dutch Bros vs. Starbucks

Marissa Gray, Staff Writer

Starbucks and Dutch Bros. are two of the biggest coffee chains in the United States. Everyday, thousands of people visit these places for a boost of energy, a quick snack, or a delicious dessert. It is a staple of many Americans’ morning routine, and it would be difficult to choose a better establishment. Let’s break it down.

    To begin, the prices of both places vary. The price of a medium golden eagle freeze, my personal favorite drink, is $4.25 at Dutch Bros. The price of a grande Espresso Frappuccino, the closest drink to Dutch’s, is a whopping $6.19 at Starbucks. To compare, a Starbucks grande contains 16 fluid ounces, while a Dutch Bros medium is 24 fluid ounces. It is clear that Dutch Bros is the better financial choice. 

    Next, let’s look at the variety of options at both places. At Starbucks, you can get coffee, frappuccinos, teas, refreshers, hot drinks, their famous pumpkin spice products, and so much more. At Dutch Bros, you can get cold brew, freezes, frosts, energy drinks, smoothies, and chai. The drink options at both places are extremely similar, as you can find most of the same products on the menus. The real difference comes in the food items. Starbucks offers a variety of breakfast and lunch items, such as sandwiches and croissants. They even provide dessert with their delicious cake pops. It is pretty obvious that when it comes to the range of options, Starbucks takes the win. 

    Finally, it is truly up to the people on who is the best. I took a survey of 10 people, and it was split in half. 5 people voted for Dutch Bros, while 5 people voted for Starbucks. Yet, almost every person that I asked hesitated for a few seconds before making their final decision. This tells me that both places are fantastic. However, when you count my vote, Dutch Bros takes the overall win.