Looking ahead to the State Golf Tournament

Tigers send a foursome of juniors to Pinehurst


Will Nolan, Staff Writer

With the regional golf tournaments having wrapped up last week in Greeley, the hard part is out of the way, now let’s see if this is the year that the boy’s golf team can finally take down the 3A state tournament next week in Denver.

This years team features a team of four juniors poised to take what they have worked for all season, a team state title.

Drake Krommenhoek said, “We have worked hard since August 1st for this exact opportunity, we are ready.”

If you were to use a word to describe this years golf team, some would say that they are a young but well prepared group, however they would prefer to use the term “academic weapons”.  This being due to the amount of time that they have spent away from the school (12 days) while all golfers claim to have maintained a 4.0 average throughout the first six weeks of this fall semester.  The second of these “Academic Weapons” is Rüdi Heitz. Heitz is the most battle tested of the four golfers.  This is his third state appearance in three years and when I asked him what his goal for this year was he said: “I am looking to redeem from last years missed opportunities, he is seeking growth from both a team and individual standpoint.”  He also referenced his intentions to “nuke” the course.

The course he wants to nuke?  Pinehurst Country Club in Denver.  I asked the team about their thought on the course.  Ty Barrington was more realistic with his assessment, saying that he was excited to play a “nice” course and was excited for the opportunity.  On the other hand the fourth Wiley St. Germain described the course as “pure” and “ferda”.  He used the word “pure” roughly ten times in this assessment of the course, so how would they describe the course as nice, pure, and “ferda”.

Lets talk about the potential nerves ahead of this weeks tournament.  While some members were admittedly nervous or anxious about the upcoming tournament.  However Mr. St. Germain claimed to “eat adrenaline for breakfast”.  The team hopes that both he and the rest of the team can carry this confident attitude into the state tournament.