Week 5- Bananas 4 Kookies


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

Welcome back for your fifth week! Look how far we’ve made it! This week was up and down, here and there, good and bad but football won their first home game and the crowd went wild. A great way to end the week was with these cookies and that game! Everyone loves the minions and if you don’t know what I’m talking about then you need to bring those yellow animated creatures into your life immediately. So go get yourself a box and join. Share with friends or take the whole thing for yourself, gym memberships are cheap.

In fourth place, Minion Confetti (second from right). This was a fluffy and sweet confetti cookie decorated with minion-inspired yellow sprinkles. This was just a bland cookie with sprinkles. They would’ve had way more luck if it was a sugar cookie but they tried something interestingly close to tasting like nothing. I did not like this cookie and truly I don’t think anyone else would it was just nothing good.

Moving to third, Mooncake (second from left). This is a new cookie! A mid-autumn festival cookie, stamped and stuffed with a creamy almond filling. This was a simple cookie more for those into anything not sweet. The almond filling is what put it that teeny bit above the fourth place cookie. Besides the almond it tasted like nothing. I have nothing more to say because what can you say about boring things.

Next up in second, Dirt Cookie Ft. Otto (far left). A chocolate, fudge, and cookies and cream flavored cookie topped with minion, Otto and his pet rocks. We’ve definitely had a dirt cake cookie before and it was amazing. With the little minion topper and rocks it made it even better because it was so adorable. I am a chocolate lover through and through. Do I wish that our second place cookie was something new, yes of course I do. It’s an oldie but a goody and there’s nothing wrong with that. I would get this cookie again and again there’s no way to mess up this delicious cookie.

Finally, for your first place cookie, the one that carried the week, Banana Cream Pie (far left). A creamy, smooth banana pudding in a buttery pie crust topped with a crunchy wafer. This cookie was EVERYTHING!! I could not stop eating it and I can never finish these cookies. I would love to see this cookie again. I would 100% recommend this cookie because it carried the whole week. Without this cookie the week would be absolute trash.

Minion cookies made my week. More specifically a banana cream pie cookie made my week. The rest of the cookies are unimportant to me and to everybody. If every cookie was as good as that, Crumbl would be making a lot more money. If you don’t like banana cream pie, respectfully I hope you had a bad week 🙂 Sorry about the awfully late story, what can I say I’m 17 years old in the most important time of my senior year, cut me some slack!