Way to early predictions for ROY.


Rory Romano, Staff Writer

The 2022-2023 season is going to be packed with rookie talent. The question becomes who will be the best in their first season. The upside in the class is extremely top heavy with some skilled guard like bigs in long, athletic bodies. the first three picks are 6’10 or taller and the fourth is 6’8 fitting the same outline. They all have the ability to put the ball on the ground, create for themselves and shoot the three from a high clip.

The first pick was Paolo Banchero who was a 6’10 power forward from Duke. He has a smooth, aggressive and skilled player. He has the ability to bring the ball down the court as well as play from the low or high post. He can be seen as a Swiss army knife who can score from any where on the court, using his strength against little guards and his speed and skill with bigs. Paolo Banchero has a very good chance of his rookie campaign resulting in a ROY. Due to an injury of the second pick Banchero has rose as the leading odds in Vegas.

The third pick is Jabari Smith JR. He was supposed to number one in the draft from reports from inside the Orlando Magic. The was surprisingly picked third by the Houstan Rockets. The Rockets are in the beginning rebuild with pieces like Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. Jabari Smith Jr. is am extremely high clip shooter from deep at the height of 6’10. He struggled creating for himself in the summer league but due to his shooting ability, length an his defensive upside he has the tools to be a great NBA player, he is third in Vegas for ROY.

Then, we begin to the lower chances as the 2022 draft was a big 3 type daft and the other picks fell into place. The fourth pick though was Keegan Murray and he put his name in the race due to his

summer league performance. He had a great summer campaign and extremely outplayed Smith Jr. He played two years at Iowa were he made an immediate impact for the Hawkeyes. He continued to grow and became one of the best players in college his second year. Murray is a versatile wing who can score at all three levels.

Lastly, the last player who a has a god chance in the race in Jaden Ivy. He was a freshman at Purdue and put on a show. He is an electric guard

and is often compared to Ja Morant at his 6’4 size. His strengths is coming down hill and attacking defenses. He has solid odds for being a 5th overall pick because he showed his ability to score and facilitate at a excelled pace. He also has defensive upside for a guard for he is extremely athletic who can guard on the perimeter but also rim protect for his size.

Who will win? The ROY will prevail and each one of these players have the ability to, but only one can win.