Look at the Colors: Get Ready For Fall

Maddy McGee, Staff Writer

If you haven’t noticed fall is coming up quickly. Cooler temperatures, the changing colors and maybe a the smell of pumpkin spice everywhere has you ready for the change in season.

Colorado hit record-breaking temperatures in late August, including several 100 degree days late in the month when normally the weather would be starting to cool off from the hot summer months.

After some of the hottest record days in August and September, the temperatures dropped dramatically from where they were before. They went from the high 90s to the 40s. We haven’t seen such a dramatic change in temperatures for over six years. Along with the rise in humidity. Technically fall starts on September 22 which is only a few short days away. 

We have been seeing the sun rising earlier with low temperatures in the morning, usually leveling out by mid-day, and the sun setting earlier as winter approaches. We also will begin to see the leaves on the trees change color.

The leaves end up changing colors in fall because of the change in temperature and the change in the amount of sunlight they receive. This makes their food-making process stop which makes them stop producing chlorophyll losing their green color and changing to reds, yellows, and browns.

 If you want to see the fall colors Colorado is a great place. Colorado always has very good colors on the trees all throughout the fall. A couple of the best places to see the colors are Aspen, Crested Butte, and basically anywhere in the mountains. Which are only a quick drive through the mountains from where we are located. The colors are starting to change as we speak! Get ready for fall!