2023 Service Opportunities


Marissa Gray, Staff Writer

During the 2021-2022 school year, senior Evie Christoff created an environment for voices to be heard. Evie aimed to create a dynamic that taught about how to improve personal safety from day to day and worked to promote a culture of respect for all. Some days there would be helpful information sessions and presentations, while other times it would be solely discussion based. This group made a powerful impact on the students of Holy Family, as it provided an outlet for difficult topics you might be scared to share around others. Many would agree that it is an important tradition that must continue. 

With Evie moving on to CU Boulder, the tradition is in need of new leadership and a renovation. It seems as if Mrs. Nowak will be the teacher supervisor, while Christoff passed her torch to 2023 senior Sam Weiss. However, after speaking with Sam about her ideas, I saw some much needed change within Sam’s ideas. Sam wants to get involved in the local community, not just at the school. The group would go out to serve nearby women’s shelters, catholic domestic abuse shelters, and any victims that they could help.  The new leader would take a more service oriented approach to serve the community and the people around the area. Additionally, Sam will add outreach opportunities to Holy Family through National Honors Society. 

The fresh dynamic would bring about more students and opportunities to lift our surrounding community. It would allow the club to extend out of the school and into the world, which should be the overall goal. Everybody will be included and everybody’s preferences will be supported. Not to mention the hours of service you’d receive from a cause for which you passionately care. With all these new developments, the outreach opportunities will be amazing this year.