Netflix Is Cancelled

Sam Weiss, Staff Writer

The Vampire Diaries, Mean Girls, Friends, Schitts Creek. All of which have fallen victim to leaving the streaming platform “Netflix”. Fans across the world have protested for these shows to stay on the site, but despite their efforts and a significant loss of subscribers, Netflix has decided to ignore viewer feedback.

Netflix has recently made an effort to create original content. In their efforts, and after billions of dollars have been spent, they fail to recognize that sometimes, viewers just want to watch the classics. It seems as if Netflix has been focusing on quantity rather than quality. The streaming service is pouring out new originals monthly, but fails to follow up on these series as most are canceled after the first season. 

In addition, Netflix is drowning in debt. As viewers have nothing to watch, they resort to the Netflix Originals. Producing a television series or even a movie is insanely expensive. Netflix cannot keep up with demand, and is having to take out large amounts of loans. 

Fans have also been arguing that the price for the subscription is not worth it. In January 2022, Netflix increased their subscription price by almost two dollars. Although this only may seem like a mere number, over 600,000 people in North America canceled their subscription (Vatu). 

As other streaming services are on the up and up, Netflix is losing business. Companies like HBO, Disney, CBS, and AMC are beginning to launch their own services, instead of licensing through Netflix. When the licensing expires, Netflix not only does not have the funds to renew them, but platforms are not giving Netflix the option.

As a streaming war is arising in North America, Netflix is coming in last place. My advice to Netflix is to stop creating originals, and invest in the classics.