Week 4- Cookies for Breakfast!


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

It’s Crumbl Review time! Yes, I’m aware that I sort of slacked off on this one, but a busy week it has been. The stories must go on. So I will give the people what they want… breakfast cookies! This weeks lineup is so intriguing, but let’s not get too excited. If you haven’t already, go out and get yourself a box, share with friends, or don’t, they don’t need it.

In last we have Almost Everything Bagel (far right). This was a mellow cookie, rolled in special seed mixed, and swirled with softened cream cheese. Sometimes a savory x sweet moment is a great time. This time it was the exact opposite. I was so excited but sugar cookie and everything bagel should never happen again. They were excited for a new cookie, but didn’t take the time to make it a good one. Bagels need to stay bagels, leave the cookies alone because yeesh that was not good.

Moving to third we have Milk Glaze Ft. Fruity Pebbles (second from right). This was a soft cereal milk flavored sugar cookie, brushed with milky glaze, and topped with fruity pebbles cereal. Mr. Yunt absolutely went ham on this cookie, he loved it. Me on the other hand, I thought it was real bad. I thought I liked fruity pebbles, turns out I don’t. The milk glaze was an interesting idea, but a failure. It probably would’ve been better if you take the sugar cookie factor out of it. I don’t recommend this cookie unless you’re as die hard about fruity pebbles than Mr. Yunt.

In second we have French Toast (far left). This was a buttery, fluffy cookie, topped with cinnamon egg wash, buttercream, syrup drizzle, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. I was so excited for this cookie, I thought about it all night. French toast is my favorite and I truly thought it was the best thing I was ever going to experience in a cookie. It was bought about 30 minutes before we ate it, it was already soggy. It was not a cookie, it was a loaf of bread. It was good but not great. I wouldn’t eat it again or recommend it. The only reason it’s all the way up in second is because the other ones were so terrible. Crumbl was celebrating a new cookie and their first square cookie, that was nothing to celebrate. Let’s just move on, I’m too fired up to continue.

Finally for first was Iced Oatmeal (second from left). This was a cinnamon oatmeal cookie, smothered with a vanilla cream cheese glaze. This is a classic Mr. Yunt, loved by old people, cookie. It’s a sad day when you see a such a simple cookie in first, but it’s competition was terrible. It was a good classic cookie. Regardless of it’s boring look, this classic old man cookie was actually really good. I recommend these cookies because they were good. I just am not the most excited for first place the way i wish I was.

Breakfast cookies ruined my day. Maybe that’s why our parents always told us we can’t have cookies for breakfast. I actually am filled with so much sadness. So much potential but a big fat flop. Maybe Crumbl should worry less about looks and more about if the cookies are actually good. Crumbl, do better. Sorry for this horrible week ya’ll, I tried to warn you. Maybe don’t go get yourself a box of these ones.