Dark Times: Self-Tanner Banned in the US?

Dark Times: Self-Tanner Banned in the US?

Maddy McGee, Staff Writer

TikTok, Instagram, and social media influencers have been expressing their thoughts on the rumor that ultra-dark self-tanner will be banned from the market in the United States.

Now you’re probably asking if this is actually true?

It is not confirmed but there is talk about the ultra dark tanner being banned for medical reasons and it also has been banned in other places. 

Recently, research has found that self-tanner has DHA in it (dihydroxyacetone), a chemical. It reacts with the amino acids in the skin which then causes you to appear more tan. It has been linked to lung cancer and severe skin irritation. This has been especially shown in “tanning nasal sprays” that you inhale through your nose and it creates a tanner appearance from the inside rather than putting tanner on your skin. As more research is done the more issues they are finding are linked to it. 

Social media influencers have been expressing their thoughts about this with aggression. Their valid argument is that it is still better for you than tanning beds, which is true.

Many people have been expressing their thoughts without knowing the facts behind the matter. Maybe their opinions would change if they had more knowledge on the topic. Other places have already taken it off of the market.

Northern Ireland and some places in the United Kingdom have already made this step. America might follow in the footsteps of these countries. I think we probably won’t see the effects of this in our local stores for quite some time, getting it off the shelves won’t be easy. 

Many people have spoken out about instead of taking tanner off the market but making it without toxic chemicals. People will do anything for tanner not to be taken off the market. Hopefully, more information will is released about this soon.