That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbls


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

You know what time it is!! It’s the Crumbl Review that I know you’ve all been waiting for. This weeks lineup was great as always and was a great kickoff to the weekend. Maybe raised our hopes a little too high… it’s okay though, the football game brought them back down 🙂 But, if you haven’t already, go out and get yourself a box. Share with friends, or don’t, we don’t care.

Rightfully taking last place by a long shot was Pumpkin Chocolate Chip (far right). This was a soft pumpkin spice cookie packed with chocolate chips. You know we were really excited to try this cookie because I even forgot to take the picture before we dove right into it. Seemed to be the best way to kick off the fall season. Horribly wrong you are. This cookie was bland and could’ve used some cream cheese frosting to help it out. Presentation lacked. The only good thing was the soft cookie. The rest was awful, but those as old as Mr. Yunt might beg to differ. I always knew they had to eat gross things during the Great Depression.. I didn’t know it messed up their taste buds that bad!

In third was Ruby Chocolate Chip (second from right). This was a cookie filled with tart ruby chips and white chocolate chips, sort of a twist on ye old chocolate chip cookie. I wouldn’t say it was bad or good. This cookie was just sort of there. Truly I really have nothing to discuss on it because there’s nothing to criticize or fan girl about. It was the first of the mystery cookies that Crumbl now offers but honestly it’s just a basic cookie. In the middle, not letting us down, but not raising the spirits.

Now for second was Peanut Butter Cookies and Cream (second from left). This was a a smooth chocolate and cream cookie with creamy peanut butter chips. This was one good cookie. The name may throw you off, it may seem a little over the top, but don’t let this cookie scare you. It has so much flavor to offer, so much personality. This cookie was amazing and worth waiting in line for. Except number one was just out of the ballpark. Any other lineup, this cookie would’ve came out on first.

And in first was BROWNIE BATTER (far left). This was a thick cookie with chocolate, brownie batter, and chocolate chips. Holy smokes was this cookie loaded with chocolate but it was dang good. Infamous enemy of chocolate, Mr. Yunt, even loved this cookie. If that doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what will. This was the perfect cookie and everything I could ask for in such a large yet so small dessert. Personally I think Crumbl should always keep this cookie on hand. Everything I’ve been looking for I found in this cookie.

Once again though, Crumble has disappointed us. Another cookie out of stock. Unrated this week was Cookie Butter Lava. The pictures looked amazing, I was really excited for this one. I feel let down, abandoned, disappointed, and not cared for. My needs should be met, and Crumbl in Thornton hasn’t been doing that for me. Do we think I should abandon my Crumbl? This may be considered in the future but for right now… I hope you enjoyed this week of Crumbl! Stay tuned, although the expectations have been lowered, it doesn’t mean they can’t be raised again!