National Latinx Recognition Award


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

Congratulations to William Brower, Ryan Diaz, Elaine Garcia, Samuel Harris, Trevor Montoya, Sierra Nanez, Kyler Pavlik, Annabelle Rodriguez, and Zachary Taylor for achieving the National Latinx Recognition Award!

Last week college board recognized these nine outstanding students from the Latinx community. In spring of last year they were invited to apply for recognition of their accomplishments, this being a minimum requested PSAT score and a minimum of a 3.5 GPA. Last week they were officially announced for recognition within their schools.

This sort of recognition is amazing for students in under served communities and is exactly what our schools need. They create pathways for these students by awarding them academic honors that can be useful when applying to colleges as ell as connecting them  to colleges.

Students that were not contacted may also self nominate for a National Recognition Award from College Board. The Latinx community is not the only community being represented. African American, Indigenous, those attending school in a rural areas, or from a small town can be invited or self nominate for this National Recognition Award.

Make sure to congratulate your fellow Tigers this week!

Go Tigers!