Teacher Interview: Mrs. Gutierrez


Will Nolan, Staff Writer

Holy Family is pleased to announce the arrival of a new Spanish teacher for this new school year.  Mrs. Lissette Gutierrez joins the staff hopes that she can use her 27 years of teaching experience to help guide her through the new year at Holy Family.

Mrs. Gutierrez joins after leaving her prior role as assistant principal at Nativity.

When I asked her why she opted to work at Holy Family, she said that she “wanted to work with high schoolers” describing them to be “more laid back and mature” than middle schoolers.

She was hired back in April of last year and has not looked back since, she is excited for what is next and looks forward to teaching Spanish 1 and 2 for this school year.

She chose to come to Holy Family because she values and enjoys teaching in a Catholic school and the thought of public school never crossed her mind.  She was looking for a fresh start and when she heard about an opening at Holy Family from her neighbor, Mr. Matthew Brothers, she said it was to good of an opportunity to pass on so she called the school and the rest was history.

On a personal note, I have known Mrs. Gutierrez since she was my fourth grade teacher, she has always been a person that I can tell cares about her students and wants the best thing for every student she works with.

She started every day the same way that she ended it, with a smile.  I look forward and am interested to see what Mrs. Gutierrez can do this school year, I hope that she can bring her great smile and positivity that she did every day in middle school into the high school classroom.