Senior Sunrise Tradition Continues: Rise and Shine


Marissa Gray, Staff Writer

On August 17, 2022, the newest senior class went down to the football field for senior sunrise. As a brand new Holy Family tradition, many of my classmates were excited to begin their last year this way. There were bright flyers seen all over the school, which prompted a large turnout that morning. Several students were there at 5:45am, dressed in pajamas and ready to watch the sky turn shades of orange and red. Friends huddled together under hoodies and blankets in order to keep warm, while faculty members passed out Krispy Kreme donuts. 

Soon, it was 6:30am, and the cloudy grey sky had no visible change in it. Seniors began to suspect that there would be no sunrise at all, just thick clouds. Frustrated whispers flowed around the field. Finally it was 7am, and the seniors were still waiting. The first group of friends left around this time, refusing to wait any longer for a sunrise that was never going to appear. The donuts were gone, so there was nothing worth sticking around for anymore. Around 7:15, everyone sullenly packed up their blankets and headed to their cars. 

Whether students went to grab breakfast or chatted in the parking lot, there was an air of disappointment that morning. Our first day of senior year had not gone the way we planned, and it seemed that was going to be the tone for the whole semester. The grey skies cast gloomy shadows on our sunrise, which led to an unfortunate start to the school year. Senior Matilda Warner said, “It was the biggest disappointment of senior year so far.” Many other seniors share that sentiment. 

Despite the negative feelings surrounding the new tradition, one dull sunrise will not determine how well this year will go. The 2022-2023 year will be made up of exciting football games, cool spirit days, intense basketball rivalries, fun dances, and wonderful memories. I have no doubt that my senior year will be the best one yet.