Back to Crumbl Review!


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

With the first week of school comes the first week of Crumbl. Continuing a legacy, your new HF Lamp Post staff is ready to review and rank. If you haven’t already, go out and get yourself a box. Share with friends or simply take them all for yourself and rank your favorites.

In last place is Lemon Poppy Seed (second from the right). This poor cookie, designed for the older generation — like Mr. Yunt (who deemed it his favorite) — had no chance against its flavorful friends. It starts off rocky with its simple and lacking presentation. This cookie consists of a zesty lemon cookie packed with poppy seeds, stuffed with lemon filling, and covered in lemon almond glaze. Perfect for those not into the common, overly sweet Crumbl cookie. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good cookie but the competition was there and it did not come out on top. Would I eat it again, absolutely. It’s a cookie you can eat any time, any day, and was a good end to summer cookies, it just wasn’t amazing.

Moving on to third is Raspberry Cheesecake (second from the left). A year ago this cookie made its first showcase and has been brought back again. This cookie is triple layered, the cookie itself is graham cracker, topped with cheesecake frosting, and finished of with raspberry jam. This cookie was amazing, I absolutely loved everything about it. It is a little on the crumbly side but other then that its a perfect cookie. In any other running this cookie would be in first. Again the competition is tough, you hate to see such an amazing cookie be placed like this.

Second is the first to lose, but dang this cookie was good, Caramel Popcorn (far right). This cookie was a butter cookie topped with caramel cream cheese frosting, caramel popcorn pieces, and a drizzle of caramel. The presentation was gorgeous especially with the touch of popcorn just to real everything in. It’s not everyday you get a cookie based around the flavor of popcorn. The execution of this cookie was amazing. I will say the frosting was very thick but that’s just a Crumbl thing. It was a tough run between first and second but this was a great cookie regardless of being in second.

Finally, coming out on top this week is French Silk Pie (far left)! A rich chocolate pie cookie topped with silky mousse, whipped cream, and chocolate curls. Everyone that has had it already knows silk pie is amazing in itself. Chocolate lovers would have a party with this one. It was gorgeous and perfectly executed. Truly from the first bite I knew this cookie would be first. If you missed this cookie, you missed a lot. This cookie really swept away that first place title by a long shot. Half Pie, half cookie, it was truly amazing.

The cookies this week truly set the stakes high for this year. We hope the rest of the cookies are able to compete to make this a truly delicious year. Don’t miss out on next week’s box and tune in for our weekly reviews. Happy back to school!