And That’s a Wrap on Crumbl!!


Madison Forss, Staff Writer

It’s a monumental day in Holy Family High School’s Newspaper class… the last Crumbl review from the class of 2022. All year we have delivered weekly Crumbl reviews and it all comes to an end today. Luckily, every cookie in this week’s box was delicious.

The best cookie this week was their Piña Colada. A chilled pineapple coconut cookie was topped with piña colada frosting and sprinkled with coconut. The cherry on top of this cookie from paradise was their actual bright red cherry. It was a tasty cookie and different from the ones we’ve had in a long time. I don’t normally like having fruity deserts, however, Crumbl really outdid themselves with this one.

Crumbl’s next best cookie this week was their warm Pecan Pie. Before this cookie, I was certain I was a pecan pie-hater, however, this cookie swayed me the other way. The buttery sugar cookie was topped with brown sugar and a pecan pie filling. It was the perfect amount of sweetness and was very enjoyable. The crust really embodied a real pie and the flavor was great.

The next cookie in this week’s ranking is Salted Caramel Cheesecake. This cookie was really similar to their past cookies, a traditional soft cookie with sweet frosting. Luckily the rest of this box was different, so this cookie earned third place. The graham cracker cookie and cheesecake frosting and drizzled caramel made for a really great cookie.

Last, this week was the Chocolate Potato Chip cookie. This savory cookie had chocolate chips, potato chips, coconut, and pretzels. Even with the savory elements, the cookie was still really sweet. The only reason it placed last was that it tasted like a regular chocolate chip cookie, despite the interesting things it was mixed and topped with.

This week did not disappoint at all, every cookie had different elements that made each cookie delicious. It was nothing shy of a perfect box to end our year-long Crumbl review segment. It’s been a pleasure writing the stories, but more importantly, trying each and every cookie!