Senior Sunset?


Luke Busot, Staff Writer/Editor

This year, the senior class started off the school year with a “Senior Sunrise” out on the football field before the first day of classes. But now that the school year is about to come to an end, many are wondering if there is going to be a “Senior Sunset.”

It feels only natural to finish off senior year with a senior sunset. If we started the year with the sun rising, it makes sense to finish off the year with the sun setting. It would make the tradition feel complete and it would bring a sense of closure to the seniors.

Many other seniors feel the same way as well. Senior Annika Manzeneres says, “I think because we already did senior sunrise that it’s only fitting that we have a sunset to complete the cycle and bring senior year to a close.” Personally, I think just having the sunrise but not the sunset would feel incomplete and like we didn’t finish what we started. We need to have the sunset to end the year right and solidify a tradition that can be enjoyed by all of the seniors for the many years to come.

You may be wondering when this could happen, and there are many days between now and graduation that it could happen. It could be done on the last day of class, Friday, May 13, but the seniors on track wouldn’t be able to attend, so it could be held on one of the days we have off before graduation, like Wednesday, May 18. Doing this right before we graduate would be one last experience that the seniors could share together before they all go off to college.

I would personally love to have a senior sunset and I think it could be a great last thing for us seniors to do. It would give us closure as we leave for college and go our own ways.