5 Cookie Crumbl?!

Another great Crumbl Review


Morgan Salter, Staff Writer/Editor

This week onward will be a bit of a switch up, with Crumbl getting rid of one of their two cookies they have each week, Sugar, replacing it with another flavor that rotates weekly. So without further adieu we present another great cookie review.

In last place we have Confetti Cake, this burst of confetti sprinkles in a fluffy sugar cookie topped with a swirl of pink vanilla cream cheese. Now overall this a decent cookie however, personally to sweet for me.

In fourth, Original featuring Peanut Butter M&M’S® Candies, their classic cookie studded with Peanut Butter M&M’S® Candies and stuffed with creamy peanut butter. Now you cant go wrong with peanut butter and M&M’S® ever! But due to the competition this one finishes fourth.

Next up we got Classic Oatmeal, what a classic (it’s in the name!). Served warm this delicious cookie with chunky oatmeal mixed with notes of vanilla and molasses, topped with a cinnamon oatmeal streusel is to die for. One of my personal reoccurring favorites!

Coming to second, Brownie Batter, a thick and delicious treat crafted with chocolate, brownie batter, and semi-sweet chips. I mean who can go wrong with brownies in the first place! Side note: corner brownie pieces are superior I will die on that hill. Anyways back to the review, this cookie is basically a giant brownie what’s not to love!

And numero uno is Passion Fruit. I was very unsure how this cookie was going to taste, but wow, I’m impressed. I’m surprised it actually tastes like a passion fruit, no joke from the actual cookie base to the frosting! What really makes this cookie is the passion fruit flavored popping boba, I thought it was weird at first but it’s actually pretty good and gives the cookie a good texture.

So there you have it folks your five cookie Crumbl review. Different without ye ole regular sugar but that means more new delicious flavors to try! So go out there and try this week’s new cookies and do a review yourself!