It’s Really Coming to an End

Its Really Coming to an End

Luke Busot, Staff Writer/Editor

I think I speak for the entire senior class when I say this this year has flown by. We have made it though almost four years of high school in what feels like a blink of an eye. With only a week and a half until AP tests start and less than three weeks until senior exams, the time we have left is extremely limited.

While the prospect of going off to college and starting a new life in a new place is extremely exciting, it also comes with the fear of leaving everyone you’ve been with for the last four years, even if you may not have been friends. Senior Natasha Eldridge said, “I am very excited for all that we will be experiencing next year in college, but it’s sad we are leaving and it’s sad that we are leaving what we have grown to be comfortable with.” Clearly, graduation will be a bittersweet moment for most.

Even though not everyone is friends in the senior class, it will still be a very bittersweet moment to see the kids you’ve been with for the majority of your teen years with just leave and go on their way. What has been the norm for years in your life will just be over in an instant on some random day in May.

But on a positive note, we will all get to leave and go on to be successful and make the world a better place. Our classmates will grow up to be doctors, lawyers, computer scientists, teachers, engineers and so much more. We will get to leave our mark on the world and make it a better place than when we found it. And who knows, maybe one of us will cure cancer or become the president.

But, we don’t need to think about those things right now, instead we should all enjoy the little time we have left with out friends and classmates.