Crumbl Time


Karson Brockway, Staff Writer

Another week, another crumbl review. Overall, I was impressed with this week’s flavors.

Coming in strong in the first place was the Boston Creme Pie, a New England-inspired cookie topped with tasty vanilla pastry cream and a rich chocolate ganache. This cookie had a good compromise of sweet flavor but a light texture. This might have been one of my favorite cookies in a while.

Second place goes to a classic, your most basic Snickerdoodle. I’m a snickerdoodle fan, I have to admit. It’s my go-to cookie, and this one certainly didn’t let me down. Sure, it’s a little boring, a little basic, but I was content. Soft, yet crispy—a sweet vanilla sugar cookie coated in a sparkly cinnamon sugar crust, so delicious.

After deliberating over these next two cookies, I’m gonna have to call it a tie for third.

Starting off with Caramel Cake, it was good, not great. I have no serious issues with this cookie but it was a bit sweet and a whole one would definitely make me sick. It’s a fluffy sugar cookie smothered with sweet and smooth caramel glaze. Sounds good but is definitely a bit of a disappointment.

The other third-place cookie goes to Red Velvet White Chip. Honestly, this cookie wasn’t bad. It’s your favorite cake, elevated—a dark red velvet cookie loaded with gooey white chips. Again, not bad but not great. There were a few too many chocolate chips which made the cookie somewhat unsatisfying but not bad.

That’s all for this week, check back next week for another review.