And We Are Off


Madison Forss, Staff Writer

Holy Family’s Lamp Post staff has worked hard all year, giving the HFHS community new stories and updates daily. Now that summer’s coming up, we won’t be cranking out stories. So what else are we going to be doing?

For a lot of our class, sports is the big event this summer. With 23 total commits in the class of 2022 and five of them in this newspaper class, you can count on our summer being quite busy with sports.

Newspaper’s big D1 softball commit, Abby Edwards, is planning four softball trips, Kansas City, Chicago, California, and New Jersey. With such an intense freshman season coming up, Abby’s going to be staying in the softball community all summer. She’s looking forward to, “going to college and enjoying my summer.”

University of Mary’s big football commit, Dominic Mazzulla, plans to be an umpire at Thornton Rec so he can stay in the baseball environment before leaving for UMary in mid-July to start his college football career. Dom had a huge impact on Holy Family’s football legacy and will continue to make an impact throughout his college career.

As a volleyball commit, I’m going to be focusing on tuning up my skills before leaving for Elmhurst University in Chicago at the beginning of August. Apart from volleyball, I’m going to be going on the trip to Europe with my classmates for 12 days. I’m going to soak up every ounce of my summer before leaving my friends, family, and community.

What are the plans for the Holy Family Lamp Post students that don’t plan on playing college sports?

Karson Brockway played volleyball throughout her whole high school career but has decided to focus on her education in college. She’s going to attend CU in the fall but before she’s planning on going to Florida in June with her family. To keep a little bit of her volleyball life intact, she’s going to play sand volleyball for a couple of months.

Reese Peterson is working at Northside Tavern in Broomfield until he leaves for Western State University. His big summer trip is to Kokomo, Indiana, for his sister’s softball tournament and to visit Notre Dame. After leaving his four year high school football career, Reese says, “I’m going to miss football and being on such a close-knit team with my best friends.”

Everyone’s going on their own path this summer, playing different sports, visiting different places, and eventually leaving for different schools. Holy Family is already a very close community but Holy Family’s Lamp Post community is even closer.