The Case of Senioritis is Spreading- April Edition


Madison Forss

With summer right around the corner, senioritis is coming in hard and fast for the Class of 2022.

This disease is worse than the common cold, lasts longer than the flu, has worse symptoms than strep, and has spread faster than COVID. No one knows when senioritis will hit exactly, but when it does, it’s hard to shake. With still having a month left of school, you wouldn’t expect it to have spread so fast throughout Holy Family. However, it has.

Some symptoms of this terrible illness are not being able to do homework, the brain focusing on any and everything that isn’t school, not dressing in the dress code, and doing anything to be outside of school. What are the treatments for this you may ask? Not giving homework, giving very minimal classwork, giving us college wear/spirit days, and pretty much expect nothing from us seniors. It isn’t that we don’t want to be with our friends, classmates, peers, fellow teammates, all within our own little community. We just don’t want the homework, the big assignments, the strict rules, and such high expectations.

We’re tired, we’re exhausted, and we’re -almost- all ready to graduate. I personally am going to miss the Holy Family environment, the place where everyone knows you and has your best interest. The place where your teachers and coaches prioritize you and want the best for you. It’s going to be hard to leave, the thought of such a big change is nothing less than terrifying. Nonetheless, with warm and long days just beyond the horizon, it’s hard to live in the moment. I believe that’s the biggest cause of this sickness… being so worried yet excited yet anxious about the future, you are unable to live in the moment. This is why tedious homework or classwork seems impossible to do.

It’s hard being a senior who loves their school and community and still has one foot out of the door already. I don’t want to be worried about the future. I want to enjoy my classes with my friends. I want to enjoy the last few weeks of my “childhood”. I want to enjoy the moment and everything in it. It’s just hard.

Senioritis is affecting more and more students every day and it’s only going to continue until May 13th. Teachers, bare with us. We’re trying, we just have a million more thoughts in our heads than we usually do.