Carrot Cake Wins This Week!


Madison Forss, Staff Writer

This week’s cookies did not disappoint… is that two weeks in a row where Crumbl served great boxes of cookies?? The cookies this week had flavors that span all over the board, exciting your tastebuds with each bite of every new cookie.

The top cookie this week was their Carrot Cake. This is the first time I have personally had this flavor cookie from Crumbl. With Easter right around the corner, this carrot-cake-based cookie with sweet cream cheese frosting with pecans on top was perfect. It wasn’t too sweet, like traditional carrot cakes, but still had delicious flavor, earning it the #1 spot this week.

The next best cookie this week was Crumbl’s Cookies & Cream. The combination of a chocolate and vanilla cookie, white chocolate drizzle, and cookie pieces made this a simple, yet tasty cookie. Cookies and cream is always a good flavor, whether it’s ice cream, shakes, or cookies, is always a safe bet.

The Lemon Bar cookie this week was another delicious flavor. The lemon cookie wasn’t too tart but still had lots of good flavor. On top was a lemon bar topping, and it being served cold made it even tastier. The topping wasn’t too overpowering but tied in the idea of a Lemon Bar altogether.

Last place this week is their Peanut Butter ft. Muddy Buddies. Although it’s last place, this peanut butter cookie with the milk chocolate on top was still a delicious cookie. Whether you’re a peanut butter lover or not, this cookie is still very tasty and will impress your tastebuds.

All in all, each cookie this week was delightful and delicious, making it another great box. To the Holy Family readers, grab yourself a box of this week’s Crumbl cookies and enjoy them over the long weekend!!